"These images tell a story about the juxtaposition of life going on in a city, amidst constant reminders of war. My photos are not about war-torn Ukraine, but a snippet of life in the city furthest from the front which is, nonetheless, deeply affected by the war.
With an analogue camera, shooting on 35mm Kodak Portra 160 and 400 film, these images are recent, shot in May and August 2022, yet still reminiscent of conflicts decades ago. This series grapples with the conflicts and social issues we have brought with us into the future.
Wherever you look in Lviv Oblast there are street performers, bustling cafes, Ukrainian flags, posters, banners and ribbons, with crowds singing along to songs of the resistance. The mood is lively, but with a worried tension underpinning daily life. There is a heightened military presence, bordered windows, protected monuments, sandbags and air raid sirens. In the 4 weeks I spent in the Ukraine, 5 missiles landed in Lviv Oblast, less than 80km from the European Union. But life in the city goes on amidst these perils.
This series offers insight into Lviv Oblast – a busy city with cosy cafes and streets like any other, alongside vivid reminders of war."​​​​​​​
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